Monday, January 13, 2014

Short of Lifetime.

You've made all the picture captions 
Seen all the motion pictures from 1939
Snowfall of 14 comes down hard and cold
But the brave have the gloves on 
And cigarette hanging from their month 

If you've like to send me a postcard , 
My address is 134,
Some old new paper article 
Recalls me as child
Flying kites on a spring afternoon  

See me smiling, see me crying all on the same day
Feel something inspiring and write something that makes you feel this way
Addiction is your enemy now, find the will to react with ease 
Avoid the freak outs and the anxiety attacks 
There is no reality here calm and peaceful 
But I will give you my best;

Safe and beautiful you are 
Miles away from heaven
We witness miracles everyday
And the life in your eyes 
Is worth everything...

Even short of a lifetime. 

Count your blessings. 

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