Friday, January 31, 2014

Lighthouse in a Storm

Love flows through a stream that intercepts with hate.
I rest all my belongings cloth in robs
On a plan white sheet near the riverside
Waiting for the evening to turn a certain shades blue
I dream of the last spring rain and the way you held you umbrella
Leaving my heart frozen to the core with a soul that could light
The lighthouse in a storm...

Love a life more than life itself.
Lose a love more that death could disrepair

Love a life

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Heart Among Stangers

Maybe what I've waited for my entire life
Will be through the otherside of this dismal path... 
Until now every apple tree has grown sour, 
Rotten to the core... 
And yet I know somewhere not far from my deep eyes 
Is your lovely expression
 Pouring passionate tears into the the same river we dream of... 
The same same river we drown in... 
And soon we will share this confusing world in one reality... 
Time wouldn't matter so much... 
Nor will the pain.
(Maybe just the relevance- of an old life holding on for dear life 
For anything that will keep us grounded.)
 Just open up my eyes....and allow me to see... 
Feel safe in your harms... To your kisses 
And embracing you whole.

Together as ghosts.

Monday, January 20, 2014

True Actions

Monuments a blaze
In the churchyard of my mind
I am brought here once or twice every season
To see how much has changed
The snow melting
The flowers in full bloom,
The flowers weathered away by gray colours
The autumn foliage and back too a frozen storm.
To see if there's a plot empty for me in the ground
Take a step away... ignore the true actions
Feeling will overcome.

(((The drugs instant release)))

This is fast acting
But there is no easy escape. 
There is no cure but time and time again.
Which we never know when we're out of...
I would like to return this book you gave me
But it seems at though the words are all blurred out
So take it seriously
When I say
I simply write to numb the pain;

Saturday, January 18, 2014

winter sunrise

Something or someone, powers unknown...
Needs to give me the strength to see this thing through.

I know your coming, 
I'm on the trail for wings in the winter skyline...
Love in hindsight
And after we watch the blue silver moon
Collide with my windowpane, we are stolen
By the light that something could tear me to pieces 
If the words weren't properly felt...
Tear me to pieces when your eyes smile and all the pain in me resides 
And the fear is left for me to cure if i live to see it through
 Just open the door to my room 
And close us in... we'll know then what we have to share.... 

On the trail for wings in the winter sunrise...
Love in highlight.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crimson as One

I can't wait until you arrive...
All the days feel the same
My soul screams for rebirth
To hug my mother and father 
And make all this pain go away
To close my eyes 
And allow the pills to make me sleep...

No nightmares on this night.

My emotions are heavy in the clouds
Blue and purple turn to shades of gray
Red and I are crimson as one... 

Breathe in the last of a cigarette, 
Breathe in the last of anxiety
To let it out, pour your heart 
Love to grace... 
Memories of the dreams 
Still speak your name... 

A thousand miles of emptiness  
Fill the space between. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Short of Lifetime.

You've made all the picture captions 
Seen all the motion pictures from 1939
Snowfall of 14 comes down hard and cold
But the brave have the gloves on 
And cigarette hanging from their month 

If you've like to send me a postcard , 
My address is 134,
Some old new paper article 
Recalls me as child
Flying kites on a spring afternoon  

See me smiling, see me crying all on the same day
Feel something inspiring and write something that makes you feel this way
Addiction is your enemy now, find the will to react with ease 
Avoid the freak outs and the anxiety attacks 
There is no reality here calm and peaceful 
But I will give you my best;

Safe and beautiful you are 
Miles away from heaven
We witness miracles everyday
And the life in your eyes 
Is worth everything...

Even short of a lifetime. 

Count your blessings. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sunday to Sunday

So they've all brought you to tears this way
I look through the open window for fear missing 
But it seeps through the window frame 
Like teary eyes adjusting to the moments past  
I'm on the outside looking in 
And the fear is Sunday
 From Sunday to Sunday... 

I kiss your lips, the body reacts 
Given all pain to heal and mend
Before, before... 
Arrive on time, in the right place
The message isn't received 
Your poems go unheard 
Wasted youth by the sound of trains. 
The panic is that you believe
Such a daemon exists...

Such a cruel world is captured and given as a gift...
Don't fail me now.
 From Sunday to Sunday... 

Try to explain the core to the heart again
Without a core your tree is just roots in the ground 
Hanging on to one until the last one breaks 
Maybe new ones form before the fall 
But you still feel alive and see the earths beauty
All while you feel you body deteriorating
Some heaven in your body and soul
Drips the blood from your veins down into the holy water 
Like the invitation of cancer cells... 
It will change me...
It has changed me...

But I was already sick enough. 

Given all pain to heal and mend
Before, before... 
Arrive on time, in the right place
The message isn't received 
Your poems go unheard 
Wasted youth by the sound of trains. 
The panic is that you believe
Such a daemon exists...


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Stubborn Shyness

Leave my letters by the old gravestone...
Something for the ghosts to open half way... 
I feel at ease now that the talking is over 
And the lecture, the prayers from God's all heartfelt and spoken...
I realize the true path in which brought us to our faith... 
Can never entice the memories which remain. 
The true feelings of love without a fight... 
Being strong my not be strong enough 
Being weak may account for furthermore... 
((Guidance into the unknown world))

We're not able to even grasp but still we cling too....
Anything that separates the thought... 
Was it love or death? Or possibly stubborn, shyness....
I'll let you take my hand and walk me through the cold 
Just as long as you open the gates... 
And set me free from these burdens. 
One by one... 
And only then... 
Will the memories decide for me. 

Was it love or death? or possibly... stubborn shyness.

Something for the ghosts to open half way...