Friday, December 13, 2013

The Twelfth

You are identified...
You are seen but not heard
You've put your heart out there
Briefly to feel some kind of love,
Whenever life becomes to real
You start to plan your escape
Now there's no exit... So what will it take? 

Whenever the burden is to heavy
You feel the need to give up...
Whenever the heart is too empty
You feel the need to fill it with words...

If love won't stop me
If God won't give me a sign
If love and compassion are not united
Will the poets words leave him blank forevermore...?

What good are idea's soaked in blood? 
Recalling every heartbreaking month leading to the twelfth... 

The twelfth is here forever after... 
The one scar before my identity no one knows...
Not a soul... 

You are seen but not heard.

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