Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spiritual Guide

Being haunted - 

It must be a natural process 
That its manifestation or its degrees...
Especially when we fight up the emotions inside 
Or we try to understand ourselves
In such manner that we'd like to ''embrace'' the moment in time 

Come down from this...
Come down from these
Great heights 
From the core bottom
We reach 
To find something... 

Meaningful... spiritual

The river runs of silent tears
The burden's ghost... 
Join hands together 
In a circle... 
Walk the dying path
Back into the sun

To be blind the heart. 
To be blind to the world... 

Consult'' your little piece of heaven

Meanwhile I'm simply a visionary 

Of what will be 

Come down from this...

Alec Wildey & Maudy  

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