Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Ark of the Daemon

I saw the light come on before the switch
I saw the ghost
The ark of the daemon 
(Arms closed)
His eyes matched mine
For I was him..

Continued into darkness
Let the letters be reminders 
Of the heartfelt prayers 
Now sentimental meanings 
Proof that November was your eleventh sake 

For the love of God... 
You'd still be here. 


A remembrance follows
Happenstance from a world in continuous motion 
I hoped for this past year 
That something good would come out of losing you... 
Other than that fact that I lost myself 
In the most meaningful of ways... I could encounter

(Could not encounter you
The pain.)

The words seemed to fill in the blanks. 
But not the space in my heart...
For that hollow terminal   

As we encounter love & death
Good and Evil...


Your energy is permanent 
As I feel you the same. 


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